They got their by accident and insist it’s because they are better, or, they just don’t care, so it’s time to just say no to them.

Rich people suck. They are uncaring, ungrateful, pushy, rude, impatient, aggressive, hostile, snobby, excessive, greedy, and oftentimes, extremely selfish. Worst of all, they tend to believe that they actually deserve to be rich, and that everyone else isn’t because they aren’t as important.

Why are rich people that way? Because it usually takes that type of personality to be become rich in the first place.

Are there exceptions? Yeah…

But not many.

Economists and psychologists around the world have all but reached a consensus on this — to be rich, you must be a dick. …

It’s about having smarter kids that can help solve our problems

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Want to stop flying?

I didn’t think so. Well the answer to keeping those planes in the air? We need find a fuel that does not destroy the world.

There are many ways to ruin the planet — we could cut down all the rain forests in search of palm fuel, drill out all the fossil fuels and burn them so that they warm the planet… or…

We could tell people to stop having children.

This is the WRONG way to save the earth, because the earth needs humans to help fix the problems.

WTF? Really? Yeah… Really.

For example.

Why FIFA is a scourge on society and progress

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Broken glass, everywhere, people pissing in the stairs you know they just don’t care. I can’t take the smell, can’t take the noise, got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice.

Is this 1982 in the South Bronx? No, it’s 2021 in European cities during the European Football Championship (AKA The Euros) that takes place every four years. This year is special in that the tournament was supposed to be held in 2020 — in case you haven’t been paying attention, there was an incident that caused everything to be postponed.

According to popular sources, the…

When you try to be funny but are just abrasive

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I’m funny in person, especially over a couple of drinks — when writing, my humor is abrasive, scathing, and insulting.

If I’m laughing while writing something, then I’m likely fostering future death threats from a distant stranger — one that may be homicidal, or perhaps just caged in by their dull suburban life, I really don’t know.

Usually, when writing, I’m attacking something else that I wrote that is just god awful and deeply flawed, meaning that it’s making widely false claims about something — that irritates the hell out of me.

I don’t like lies, but I like stupidity…

Political diversity is the only way to foster and protect cultural and social diversity

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In Washington, all is for naught if two insane and corrupt political parties continue to dominate the political arena. In this age of misinformation, the best answer to targeted political propaganda from the GOP is not more power concentration in the other direction, but less overall.

The result of this has been two extreme mainstage ideologies that oppress competing ideas and victimize specific cultures, social values, lifestyles, and beliefs. …

You raise a lot of very important points, however, calling for the replacement of Capitalism with an invisible system does not work - there is currently no better system in practice than capitalism. This is true for the following reasons:

1) There are currently only two major schools of thought in economics; free-market and planned economy. Planned economy can only work in an enlightened society with honest leaders, and since that doesn't exist anywhere, free-market is the default, because it at least allows people to make their own choices.

2) The only form of free-market that does not result in…

Thank you, If something is too complicated to understand, it's probably because it's a scam - the monetary system is far more straightforward (most of the time). Cryptocurrency is unsustainable because it depends upon electricity to exist - if the power went out tomorrow, then game over. Fiat Currencies on the other hand only need an agreement by society that the government backing that currency is legitimate. There will absolutely be a violent end to the cryptocurrency mania, although the future of them is probably as digital versions of fiat currencies. Elon Musk is a man child melomaniac who is more interested in going to Mars then he is of preserving the Earth, his ability to convince nerds that he is cool is why he's been so successful. Musk is the epitome of "right place at the right time."

The First Amendment doesn’t protect your Facebook or Twitter account.

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The FCC has been regulating broadcast content since, well the birth of the FCC in 1934. To this day it is still not possible to utter a word of profanity on public television without repercussions.

In 1941, President Roosevelt created an Office of Censorship just before the U.S. officially entered Would War II. This office not only had sweeping powers to regulate content, but it could actually arbitrarily shut offending radio stations. The goal of this office was to prevent misinformation, propaganda, or anything that could cause a clear and present danger to America.

More recently, during the Iraq War…

Despite what's being said in the news, or at the local Wal-Mart perhaps, most people are indeed taking covid-19 quite seriously. That said, here in France I have witnessed a major generational issue: I'll estimate that 90% of people (if not more) have taken covid seriously; amongst the group of aged 16 - 21 that number has been more like 40% - 50%. I've been astonished how many of my students (university level) have shrugged off the protective measures, but then when they actually get covid, they freak out. Even more strange, their fellow students in the upper levels (22 - 24) are far more likely to be avid mask wearers. It's a very bizarre situation that I imagine will be studied for many years to come.

How a six party political system in the USA could help lower the temperature of both politics and the planet.

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The political situation in Washington D.C. today is terminal. While Americans from different political ideologies currently agree on very little, most do agree that there is a major problem. They may not agree on what that problem is exactly, but most do concur that the problem, whatever it is, has been compounded by a sheer lack of political diversity, a failed system of checks and balances, and an utter collapse of thoughtful discourse.

In this age of misinformation, the best answer to targeted political propaganda is not more thought control, but less

The advent of digital technology has ushered in…

Blunt Ogre

Widely dismissed by most readers

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