The late comedian George Carlin "predicted" much of what is now happening, and those "predictions" were in the mid 90's. I use quotations because for him they were simply the reality, but back then; it's just that the symptoms had not yet manifested to their extremes, as they have now. Today, we cannot deny what Carlin said, it's right in our faces. I now teach finance to university students in France (many of them are actually from Africa and China however) and one of the challenges is motivating them to learn about what is essentially a corrupt and immoral system. In the end, my message is always the same, no one can really tell you how to succeed, you're chances of being correct are just as good as someone with supposed credibility. This is a well crafted article that does an excellent job of demonstrating how severe the economic situation in the USA is. While I'm personally not a big planned economy person, I do believe that it's inevitable.

BLUNTING THE TRUTH, BLUNTLY — Award winning bullshit artist

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