Yes, and we saw this in a major way in 2006 with that Secret Law of Attraction BS that swept the nation, millions of corporate drones pinning an image of bank check for $10,000,000 to their cubicle, all in hopes that simply by loving money, they would receive money. But facts are facts, and all the credible research on income inequality clearly shows that economic mobility in America has now become rare, very rare, and worse yet, entirely unpredictable. There was a time when hard work led to increased prosperity, but today, it's a guessing game as to what will line your pockets.

Thank you for speaking out against this recent trend of "blind optimism is the key to prosperity." I was writing and commenting about this a lot, but no one listened, except for a few zealots who attacked me personally. People really want to believe that being rich is a possibility for them, so much so that they will resort to violence to protect their delusion.

BLUNTING THE TRUTH, BLUNTLY — Award winning bullshit artist

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