You raise a lot of very important points, however, calling for the replacement of Capitalism with an invisible system does not work - there is currently no better system in practice than capitalism. This is true for the following reasons:

1) There are currently only two major schools of thought in economics; free-market and planned economy. Planned economy can only work in an enlightened society with honest leaders, and since that doesn't exist anywhere, free-market is the default, because it at least allows people to make their own choices.

2) The only form of free-market that does not result in some form of anarchy is a regulated free-market, and history has shown us that the best form of regulation is assigned ownership: this not only provides incentives, but it also provides a legal framework for assigning wealth.

3) Capitalism requires a democratic and free society, however, it also requires regulation. As long as a society functions on a capitalist system, there must be a combination of liberty and regulation.

Capitalism is not perfect, far from it, but it's because people are not perfect. The best imagined system is actually Communism, but in practice the result is horrific, and that's because people are not yet capable of eliminating their worst impulses. Rather than trying to fix capitalism, we should be trying to fix ourselves.

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